MindNudge combines the latest insights from cognitive science and adaptive learning with the power of social, gamification, mobile and cloud to help businesses achieve real, scalable and sustainable learning that positively impacts business results.

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Nudge - Brain-based Learning

MindNudge Advantage

Learning that moves faster and lasts longer

Brain-based Learning

  • Automatically identify and close employees' knowledge gaps
  • Achieve mastery by increasing knowledge and confidence
  • Increase employee confidence to apply knowledge at work
  • Reinforce previous knowledge at regular intervals
  • Build knowledge incrementally so it is retained longer

Continuous Adaptive Learning Technology

  • Personalized Learning Experience
  • Put every employee in control of their unique journey
  • Personalized learning paths for employees
  • Manage and release the right content, at the right time, to the right users

Increased Adoption, Engagement & Productivity

  • Empower your workforce to create relevant content
  • Anytime, anywhere learning with mobile access
  • Gamification for increased adoption and engagement

Cultivate detailed, proactive insights, in real-time

  • Custom Dashboard to analyze training effectiveness and ROI
  • Identify top performers and trends
  • Gain direct and specific insights into learner engagement, and knowledge retention
  • Analyze knowledge distribution globally to tailor curriculum needs

Scale to meet the needs of your business

  • Our cloud-hosted implementations provide clients with a high availability and high performance environment that’s both secure and scalable

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