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World's top content in one place

Hive is an informal learning network that empowers your employees to share knowledge, expertise and ideas to transform your organization into a highly connected and smart work environment. It will transform how knowledge and expertise is shared within your organization.

Best of both worlds

Unleash your talent

Let your employees interact with your most value resource - one another!


Hive aggregates top-rated content, from the web, in topics that matter to you most.


Everyone in your organization is good at something. Everyone can create learning content (video, PPT, XLS, DOC, PDF) or upload existing one.


Everyone could use a better, quicker, cheaper way of doing their job. Everyone can search for and consume any content to make better decisions and help your bottom line.


Web’s top-rated content may not be the most relevant content for your organization. Some of the internally generated content may also be sub-par.

With Hive, your employees enhance all the content, external and internal, by liking, disliking, following, sharing, commenting, tagging, linking, adding supporting materials, external references etc. to tell us the top content for your business. Best content and employees rise to the top, while the rest settle to the bottom.

Hive makes business sense

Engage. Discover. Develop. Motivate. Retain.

Connected Organization

Hive breaks down knowledge silos and helps employees accelerate performance of the global organization, they were once oblivious to.

Higher Productivity

With Hive, employees don’t have to sit through one-size-fits-all classroom training. Instead, employees learn what they want to learn, when they want to learn to continually increase productivity.

Talent Search & Discovery

Hive naturally identifies (undiscovered) key employees and subject matter experts and elevates their social brand and value. This helps distribute knowledge evenly and reduce attrition.

Substantial Cost Savings

By enabling and connecting employees having knowledge with employees needing that knowledge, we decrease the need for expensive formal training.

Hive makes online learning super easy

Instantly create stunning, engaging, interactive content that inspires learning

Array of Authoring Tools

Hive supports all popular tools such as Articulate, Captivate, Brainshark etc. So choose any tool and quick-start templates to raise your game and get there faster.

Consolidate your Learning

Bring in videos, PPTs, spreadsheets, PDFs, documents, images etc., or include content from Dropbox, Box, Google Drive, Onedrive, YouTube, SlideShare etc. Access all your learning from one source in the cloud, perfect for globally distributed teams, contractors, and vendors.

Professional Content Services

Your employees can easily create professional looking content and should they need any assistance, our Learning Designers are standing by$.

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Hive is future safe

Exceptional learning experience for modern knowledge workers

Hive is active

Create immersive learning with quizzes, assessments and surveys. Active learning ensures learners understand the content.

Hive is personal

Create learning plans for teams or specific learners and actively monitor their progress.

Hive is social

Hive recognizes that we are all very much social learners. Anyone can create communities and like, follow, comment, recommend, ask, tag any topic, content, expert or event.

Hive is fun

Gamification increases engagement and adoption. Employees earn crowns, medals, and badges which elevate their social brand and can be easily integrated with corporate rewards.

Learn anytime, anywhere

Get Hive into the hands of your employees, wherever they are, all without writing a single line of code or paying for custom app development. Hive is coded and designed to look perfect in full range of devices. Now that’s good software.


Advanced Analytics & Reporting

Custom dashboard offers comprehensive, multi-dimensional measurement of training effectiveness and ROI

Channel Insights

Get in-depth analysis of channels - completion, in-progress, popularity, followers, tags etc.

User Insights

Get in-depth analysis on user activity - channels, contents, events, communities creation, collaboration and consumption.

Content Insights

Get in-depth analysis of content activity - completion, in-progress, popularity, followers, tags, supporting material, assessments, external links, comments, related content etc.

Event Insights

Get in-depth analysis of event activity - registrations, waitlists, roster, attendance, popularity, followers, tags, supporting material, assessments, external links, comments, related content etc.

Community Insights

Get in-depth analysis of community activity - membership, learning paths, completion, status, popularity, followers, tags etc.

Hive is easy. Make it yours.

We made Hive easy, flexible, intuitive and robust. Thanks to Cloud, it's secure and scalable.

Easy Integration

Seamlessly integrate Hive with your existing LMS, SSO, LDAP/Active Directory, PeopleSoft, and more, using our Integration API. Our integration specialists are standing by$, should you need any help.

Branding Options

Provide your employees with a branded experience, wherever they are. Hive comes in three branding options - master branding, equal focus branding$, and organization-focus branding.$

Rewards Integration

Integration API lets you integrate Hive with your corporate rewards for increased fun, engagement and motivation. Our integration specialists are standing by$, should you need any help.

Easy Team Management

Create nested hierarchies and get a dashboard for each level.

Custom Domain

Whitelabel your learning sites with your preferred domain name.$

World-class Support

One-click ticketing system for learners. 24x7 "Always On" Human Support for admins.

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