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It’ll change the way your employees learn. They’ll retain knowledge longer and have the confidence to apply it at work

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We combine the latest insights from cognitive science and adaptive learning with the power of social, mobile, gamification and cloud to lift your enterprise knowledge quotient and bottom-line results by driving long-term retention and solid confidence to apply knowledge at work.

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Learning is Smart

Our technology and programs employ cognitive science principles to identify and close knowledge gaps and to increase knowledge retention

Spaced Reinforcement

Spaced reinforcement, or distributed reinforcement is an empirically proven learning technique to increase retention by exploiting the psychological spacing effect. Spaced reinforcement incorporates increasing intervals of time between both delivery of new concepts or skills, and review of previously learned material. It helps learners build their skills in a cumulative way and retain understanding once it is gained.

All our learning is deployed over a longer time span and reinforced at predefined intervals. This achieves longer-term retention in your employees and better results for your business.

Retrieval-based Learning

Retrieval-based learning is a learning technique grounded in the fact that all expressions of knowledge involve retrieval. Every time a person retrieves knowledge, that knowledge is enhanced, because we associate it with newer cues - query, experience or event that activates associated knowledge. Repeated retrieval is an effective learning tool because it enhances long-term learning and promotes meaningful learning.

Our technology and programs are sprinkled with quizzes, assessments, case studies and workshops to enhance learning and retention.

Confidence-based Learning

Confidence-Based Learning measures the correctness of a learner's knowledge and confidence in that knowledge. It distinguishes between what individuals think and actually know and is designed to increase retention and confidence and minimize the effects of guessing. Confidence-based Learning is based on the premise that both knowledge and confidence are required to attain mastery in an area.

Nudge uses confidence-based assessment model to accurately identify knowledge gaps and plug them to create a skilled and confident workforce.

Spacing Effect

Spaced Reinforcement

Confidence-based Learning

Learning is Personal

Nudge uses adaptive learning technology to adapt the learning environment to fit each individual's learning needs and learning ability

Nudge constantly analyzes learning materials and mines student performance data, and uses sophisticated algorithms to piece together the perfect learning path for each employee. Nudge is with the learner every step of the way, responding in real-time to the learner's performance and activity on the system. Once the employee completes one learning activity, the system directs the student to the next activity, most suited for her.

In this way, Nudge continuously learns about the learner to maximize the likelihood that the learner will obtain her learning objectives.

Learning is Fun

Our learning platforms, Hive and Nudge, incorporate the latest in game mechanics to keep learners engaged and motivated


Nudge keep students in a game-like state of “flow” by escalating the difficulty of learning material incrementally and unveiling levels one at a time to increase suspense. It also adds other game elements, such as progression bars, badges, points, achievements to keep learners engaged and motivated.

These rewards also elevate employee's social brand and value and create a healthy competition.


Hive recognizes that we are all very much social learners. It facilitates collaborative learning using a variety of social elements, including a continuous newsfeed, leaderboards and features like follow, like, share, ask, comment, tag etc.


Learning is Resilient

Hive and Nudge are built from the ground up for performance, robustness, security and stability

To continuously walk alongside each learner, to present the most relevant learning content, to respond to each interaction, to make the best learning recommendations, to constantly refine each learner's path, and to move the learner towards her learning goals, we have to mine tremendous amounts of data on an adaptive infrastructure.

We understand that your employees could be anywhere in the world, on any device, at any time. Our technology is built for high performance and high availability.

We understand that your employee data and learning data is highly confidential. We use the most secure infrastructure and latest encryption algorithms to protect your data and privacy.

We partner with Microsoft Azure Cloud to give you high performance, availability, security and scalability. We work with other top infrastructure vendors as well.

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